drachm is experiential and meaningful skin/home care, exploring colours, scents & textures, which connect us to our lived experiences and the world around us.

Our goal is to enhance essential interactions with common objects and routines, bringing into focus the story behind the product.

We are honest and essential care, curating a balance between art, object & tool




  • Herbalism meets Science

    We explore the fine balance between science and herbalism in the development of our products. We believe the two can exist in harmony.

  • Art + Craftsmanship

    Our method involves constant exploration, iteration and refinement. Taking as much joy in the process as we do in the final product, our products are always evolving.

  • Sommelier-Curated

    We provide a sensorial experience backed by knowledge and intuition. We identify tones and frequencies of scents, and combine them with raw ingredients into unique formulations.